About Us

60+ Services at Your Fingertip

Say goodbye to the hassle of remembering multiple passwords for countless apps. Simplify your life with MyRIDI, the all-in-one solution that combines rides, deliveries, beauty services, massages, and more in a single app.

Taxi, Moto and Fly Rides

Experience convenience like never before with MyRIDI. Whether you need a taxi, moto, or even an air ride, simply enter your pickup and drop-off locations for taxis and motos, or connect to a nearby air station for air rides. Plus, with MyRIDI, you can also rent taxis and motos, giving you even more flexibility in reaching your destination.

Delivery On-Demand

Get all your delivery needs fulfilled effortlessly with MyRIDI. Just provide your location, connect with nearby stores or restaurants, select the items or meals you desire, and enjoy hassle-free delivery right to your doorstep.

On-Demand Services

We understand the busy lifestyle you have. So to make sure you can get personalized services, we get to you on-demand services like beauty, massage, carwash, to name a few all at one place.

Standout Attributes

Discover the ultimate convenience with MyRIDI, your one-stop destination for over 60+ major services including rides, deliveries, and on-demand services, all consolidated in a single platform. Select the service that suits your needs and prepare to be amazed. Experience the exceptional uniqueness of MyRIDI today.

Easy Payment

Simplify your payment experience with MyRIDI. Our platform offers a pre-integrated wallet and the flexibility to choose from various payment options, including cash, card, or wallet, ensuring a seamless and convenient payment process.

Real-Time Tracking

Experience the ease of real-time tracking with MyRIDI's on-demand services. Whether it's beauty treatments, massages, or car wash services, our platform offers a wide range of personalized options all accessible in one place. Say goodbye to appointment juggling and embrace a streamlined lifestyle tailored to your needs.

How to Use MyRIDI

Discover the ultimate convenience with MyRIDI, an incredibly user-friendly platform. With over 60 services available, including rides, deliveries, and on-demand services, all consolidated in one place, your needs are met effortlessly. Here's how this remarkable app works:

  1. Log in easily with Facebook, LinkedIn, or Gmail, or register with your name, mobile number, and email address.
  1. Select your desired service and provide location details.
  1. Discover the simplicity and efficiency of MyRIDI today. Connect effortlessly with nearby stores, restaurants, or providers, easily make payments, and book your desired service.
  1. Enjoy a seamless experience with services, deliveries, or rides, and share your valuable feedback. MyRIDI brings convenience and satisfaction to your fingertips.


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